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Che Guevara

A musical about the biography of Che and Castro throughout the years of resistance.


Written and Directed by : Farid & Maher Sabbagh


Speak Truth to the Power

The Paravents

Three Tall Women

Glim of Hope & for Dignity and Stubborn People

Two plays by Ziad Rahbani, regarding the attitude of the Lebanese towards many situations (the country, the politics, the society itself etc) and how, in case such attitudes remain, this will be leading to the apocalypse of Lebanon.



The narration of the life of one woman, dying, seeing her life through different phases.


Directed by : Nidal El Achkar

Co-starring : Randa El Asmar and Nada Abou Farhat

written by: Edward Elby


Piece for Ariel Dofman, inspired from the book of Kerry Kennedy. Presented in Qatar. It talks about the human rights and its defenders.


Published by Umbrage Editions

By Theatre National de Chaillot


A play about the war between France and Algeria as seen by Jean Genet.


Directed by : Jean Baptiste Sastre

Co-starring : Karine Adrover, Laure Calami and Mounzer Baalbak

From the Days of Saladin

The crux of the story takes place way back when… during the clashes between Saladin (who was raised in the city of Baalbek and who was the last Leader to unify the Arab Nations under the same banner) and Richard the Lion Heart (King of England and leader of the Armies to conquer the Holy City, passing by Lebanon). The story highlights the impact of the conflict between East and West, a time dating back to our ancestors, focusing on Lebanon. This Lebanon, whose fate has been to witness the constant pushing and pulling of both cultures, with a schizogenesis among its people that is typically both Eastern and Western.