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Born in Beirut – Lebanon
Daughter of Elias and Aida
Height: 1m73cm

From modest roots in Beirut, wanted so much to be part of the showbiz! At the age of 12, had the opportunity to become a dancer in a troop (in view of my tallness), but my father objected sooooo much.
At 14, ran away from home to get married, hoping to find some freedom but OUPS! found myself in the worst prison! So I decided to put an end to this entire story, took my 12 months baby and came back to Beirut to follow my dreams.

My journey then started at 16 : wanted to join the Academy of Arts to learn Acting, I was seeking for a light house and had the opportunity to meet Ziad Rahbani from whom I learned to be “Natural” in acting. My first actual mentor, Mr. Yaacoub Chedrawi taught me the basics of Theatre.

But my main reference book remained Stanislavski’s (this great Russian Theatre teacher).

End of 80s, I was looking to hit Paris to deepen my knowledge but found it impossible to live there, with my son. So, I attended intensive courses at :
Academie des Beaux Arts in 1989
Cinematography courses at Oxford in 1990
School of theater and Cinema (Paris) - 2003

Board member of Actors Syndicate from 2005 till 2010.